Ali Dashti Hybrid live Workshop

The choice is yours – 3 in 1 OFFER – Community practice is a possibility once again!


Don’t miss the summer hit! – Our first 3 in 1 class starts in September, the 4th!

What does 3 in 1 mean?

It means you have several ways to enjoy this chance and upgrade your summer-yoga experience!

Submerge into community practice again, with Ali Dashti!

You can go:


at the beautiful city of Budapest

ONLINE livestream,

from the comfort of your home


You can join simply from the video recordings, whenever you want.

After a very long time, here is a chance again to meet one of our yoga teachers LIVE!

Experience the uplifting force of community, personal attention paid on you, and a wonderful weekend with the summer breezes of Budapest.

Our goal is to provide a source of yoga which is available in different ways, to find the most useful and convenient possible.

We are offering this workshop for practitioners and teachers of Iyengar yoga

Ali Dashti, a truly attentive, kind and calm teacher originally from RIMYI Pune, direct and very close student of Guruji B.K.S Iyengar will visit Hungary, Budapest!

New, refreshing perspective coming outside from the structure of Teacher Trainings and schools, directly flowing from the source of B.K.S Iyengar’s adopted son, one of the world’s first senior Iyengar teachers.

Here’s why this is going to be an out-of-the-box workshop:

  • Asanas excluding the usual postures of Teacher Trainings.
  • An experimental approach, closer to you than you might think.
  • Ali is joyful and playful, still deeply professional as a teacher, who follows the line revealed by Guruji, but has his own, tender way of teaching. He is directly from Pune, India, but living in Switzerland for several years now, he has developed his way to reach European people with the wisdom rooted in India. Ali’s characteristic manner is a delicate force that may help you to find your way of taking the next step.
  • Enjoy the direct, personal instruction after a long time of practicing solely online and wishing for live attention of teachers.

2 day workshop in an amazing venue of the Hungarian capital!

Discover Budapest – A truly beautiful city with summer ambient on the bank of the Danube.

Wonderful views, cheap prizes, and a luxurious hotel as the venue of the workshop.

Our very first PRESENTIAL event a long time ago, which is yet also available ONLINE, and can be followed later on by the video recordings!

Find what is really important with Ali Dashti! Experience a new way of being taught in a situation we haven’t been able to provide for long – even completely offline!

If you can join live

You’ll benefit from the special attention paid directly to you from one of the world’s leader Iyengar yoga teachers, who is known for his precise and calming way in reaching all students attending his class.

Submerge into the experience of real community practice! – Something which we’ve been all waiting for long months.

Share the vivid experience with a look, a smile, a laugh, a look into each other’s eyes, and just forget your computer’s screen. Make connections face-to-face, nourish both the community and yourself with this essential giving&receiving.

If, after having gone back home, you’ll feel the need to experience it again (and again, and again) or you will wish to check some details and deepen your practice, you will have the chance to do so, with the video recordings availables without any limitation.

Be present and learn at the living moment, with personal, direct instructions from your teacher! Finally you can be corrected right there and then on your mat, and continue with confidence!

If you can’t come, here is what you could get anyway:

Access to 2×5 hours of practice in real time, where you can follow the guiding of Ali Dashti and benefit from the vivid examples of present participants being corrected right there and then.

10 hours of lifetime video recordings, enjoyable and profitable whenever and however you want, as many times as you wish.

A new step towards re-gaining the experience of community. Rediscover the joy and uplifting force of your groupmates making progress together with you, achieving the common & individual goals together. Alongside your everyday effort, there are others, facing same difficulties, reaching similar heights/depths, putting energy into practice. 

Together we create a connected, common space where the uplifting positivity helps us all to reach far more than we could separately. Let’s be part of it, and learn from each other!

If, after having gone back home, you’ll feel the need to experience it again (and again, and again…) or you will wish to check some details once more and deepen your experience, you will have the chance to do so with the video recordings, available without any limitation.

Ali Dashti

Ali Dashti, founder of Patanjali Yoga and The Institute of Yogic Sciences in Bern, Switzerland, is the only Senior teacher in Europe and the U.S who is directly from Pune, India.

He was an apprentice of B.K.S Iyengar and an instructor of the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI) since 1986.

He is known for his sharp eye, gentle manner and depth of kowledge.

Ali can be seen in numerous books and videos, such as Yoga, the Path to Holistic Health, Understanding Yoga through Body Knowledge and Iyengar Yoga Preliminary Course.

In 2013 he released his own book, Yoga Sadhana, the Art of Sequencing Asanas and Pranayamas.


250 EUROS for the attendees of in-presence classes
(Live in Budapest)

120 EUROS for online participants.
(Livestream on Zoom)

Lifetime video recordings are included in both.


We strongly advise to participants coming for the live event in presence, to arrive at least one night in advance!

The venue is located in the center of Budapest, with a wide variety of public transportation possibilities and typical sights of Budapest (for example bank of the Danube) in walking distance.

Please note: livestream and presential classes are the same, therefore they are with the same schedule

After registering for the (presential) live event you will receive an e-mail with the necessary informations about catering services in and out of the hotel.

We are happy to provide you informations regarding accomodation, places to visit, public transport, etc.

You are more than welcome, to send us an e-mail with all your questions.

PLEASE NOTE that Iyengar yoga often requires accessories – so called props

These can enable you to make progress in every level, even if you’re not really flexible bodytype (as many of us aren’t).

In order to take care of your health, please make sure you have the required props and environment to practice safely.

In each and every case, you are responsible for your own safety and health.

In case of any physical or mental illnesses, please contact your doctor first, and ask for suggestions. You are also welcome to ask us regarding any special issues. The classes are not recommended during pregnancy, since this special period requires a different kind of attention in yoga practice as well.

If you’re Interested in yoga during pregnancy, please contact us at


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Thank you very much for your attention, we are looking forward to see you here with us, either on Zoom or in presence!

And also thank you for your presence in the Yoga Practitioner Family! We wish you a practice that can help you towards your health, freedom and power!

Looking forward to see you soon!