Privacy Policy

We do our best to protect your personal information. It is possible to visit most pages of Sárig Hajnalka’s website without providing personal information. All you need to provide the newsletter service you requested and sign up is your name, phone number, and email address, the storage and use of which is described in this statement.

The provision of information on Sárig Hajnalka’s website is voluntary in all cases. The data recorded on the Website is managed by Sárig Hajnalka. Data management number: NAIH-77614/2014.

Some information about the computers of visitors to the Sárig Hajnalka website and the software installed on such computers may be recorded (IP address, browser type, operating system, domain name, dates of visits and addresses of the websites from which you came to the Sárig Hajnalka website).

With regard to the handling of personal data provided by you during the use of the Sárig Hajnalka website and otherwise received by us, we fully comply with the Government Decree on Electronic Communications and the Special Conditions of Data Management of Electronic Communications Service Providers, as well as Act LXIII of 1992 on Public Access to Public Information. provisions and regulations of the Act. Accordingly, the user’s data will only be processed to the extent to which the user has given his or her express consent.

Accordingly, you consent to the processing of your data in accordance with the relevant legal requirements for the purpose of performing data processing operations in order to fulfill the data processing purposes set out in this privacy statement and authorized by you.

Access to personal data

We are ready at any time to provide information about the user’s personal data that we handle or to modify or delete it upon request.

User rights

The user is also entitled to Act LXIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data and the disclosure of data of public interest. legal remedies and other rights provided by law, such as the user may object to the processing of his personal data if his personal data is used for direct business purposes and if he does not agree with the data controller’s action or otherwise sue or .

Use of cookies

When you visit Hajnalka Sárig’s website, the system places a cookie on your computer’s hard drive, provided that this option is enabled in your browser. You can set your Internet browser to notify you when a website wants to place a cookie on your computer, and you can block the sending of cookies at any time.

Website Content

The excerpts available through Hárnalka Sárig’s website, which the User can view free of charge, are protected by copyright. The User has access to the text; you may download copies in one copy, store them on your personal computer for private research or study, and print them out – but you may not use them for resale or commercial gain.


All data, content descriptions, informative text, images and links on the surfaces of Sárig Hajnalka’s website, as well as the graphic and technical structure of the site, the way of implementing its functions, in the form shown on these pages are the exclusive intellectual property of Sárig Hajnalka. Using, processing or copying them without the consent of the copyright holder constitutes copyright infringement and has legal consequences.