Terms & Conditions

Prelusive provisions

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is that Hajnalka  Sárig, sole proprietor 116 Budapest, Kondorosi Road 8 / a building B 3/4 (henceforward: Service Provider) to fix the conditions of application, cancellation, participation and data management principles for her yoga courses.

Items of the Service Provider

Service provider’s sites:

Terms and conditions

On the website we sell the opportunity to participate in the Service Provider’s yoga courses.
Yoga courses, trainings, workshops, individual yoga classes, camps can be applied to the website, after application, and by personal consultation.

By using this website, or by registering on it, applying via Internet interface or recording your personal application, you declare that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions, data mannagement rules of application, cancellation and participation for the Service ProviderS yoga courses, trainings, workshops, individual yoga classes, camps, and you agree with all its points.

Yoga classes are held for at least five applicants.
If any course is not held for reasons beyond the applicants’ interest (including the absence of the minimum headcount required to start the course), the participation fee already paid may be used for any course with free headcount.

If the applicant does not wish to make use of the participation possibility provided in this way, we will reimburse the participation fee of the course within 30 days from the notification of his / her request.
Participants will be registered based on the date the application was submitted or communicated in person. The participation fee will be paid in accordance with point 7.

How to apply for the course:

  1. On the course data sheet, the applicant clicks on the “Submit Application” button.
  2. The system will inform you about the application in an automatic e-mail, the order will be live.

iii. When applying, the ordered participation must be paid in advance by credit card on the website, with a redeemed voucher or in person at our premises, or by bank transfer, within 3 working days from the application.

iv. The online application system sends an automatic email confirming the application / order. By referring to the unique ID of the application / order, the applicant can get more information about the order at any of our contact details.

The schedule of yoga courses

In the case of thematic courses, the course is usually 1.5 hours long, it is practical to arive at least 15 minutes before the start. In case of the applicant’s delay, we do not have the possibility to extend the duration of the course, but the late applicant is entitled to join the practice.

The Service Provider shall not be liable for any accidents caused by the participant’s own fault or by the fault of another participant in the courses. In case of an accident involving personal injury a report will be recorded on the spot, witnessed by the signature of the present instructor and, if neccessary another person attending the course.


The Service Provider reserves the exclusive right to determine the course of practice. If the applicant has any previous injury, he/she must inform the instructor in advance at least before the first occasion. Applicants can use their own tools in yoga classes, but the yoga center provides the necessary tools.


Contact with applicants is made at the e-mail address and telephone number provided during the online application or personal application. The Service Provider is not responsible for the availability of the specified telephone number or e-mail address, or for the operation of the e-mail service. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the failure to contact the applicant for this reason.

Participation fees

The participation fee includes theoretical and practical knowledge led by a certified yoga instructor.

The service is vat-free.

Payment Methods

PayPal payment method

The Service Provider is contractually affiliated with PayPal. You can pay the price of the courses by using paypal’s payment system on the internet . To use the PayPal payment method, the applicant must have a PayPal registration. Registration must be made on the website.
The Service Provider is not responsible for any problems arising from the use of the PayPal system, and the operator of the PayPal system is responsible for the resulting legal relationships and the resulting rights and obligations.

You can pay the price of the courses by using paypal’s payment system on the internet.”

Bank transfer

The applicant is entitled to pay the participation fee for the selected course by bank transfer. In case of a bank transfer, the registration will be activated after crediting to the Service Provider’s bank account indicated below. Accordingly, it is advisable to initiate the transfer in such a way that the participation fee is credited no later than the business day prior to the     course date .

Bank transfer details
Company name: Hajnalka Sárig EV.
Bank Account No: 10300002-10371495-49030011
Bank Name: MKB Bank

The applicant is obliged to indicate the names and start dates of yoga courses, courses, workshops, individual yoga classes, camp in the bulletin of the transfer.

Cash payment

Cash payment of the participation fee  is available within 3 working days from the date of application at our opening hours on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at our site at the Gold Center (1117 Budapest, 111-113 Budafoki Road). If the application takes place within 3 days of the day of the course, the payment is also possible on site before the course on arrival.

Payment by credit card via Barion interface

The fee of the course can be paid to the Service Provider on the site after applying to the course, by selecting the card payment (Barion) option on the internet interface.

Payment by credit card via SimplePay interface 

I acknowledge the following personal data stored in the user account of Sárig Hajnalka EV. (116 Budapest, Kondorosi Road 8 / a building B 3/4) in the user database of will be handed over to OTP Mobil Ltd. and is trusted as data processor. The data transferred by the data controller are the following:

The nature and purpose of the data processing activity performed by the data processor in the SimplePay Privacy Policy can be found at the following link:

When paying by credit card, the applicant is redirected to the MKB bank’s paypage, so that the payment is made directly on the Bank-operated site, operating according to the rules and security regulations of international card companies.

The online store does not have any form of information, number or expiration date of the applicant card or the account behind it. In the process of paying by credit card, the             information and rules of the MKB Bank system regarding the management of payments should be considered.

The Service Provider is not responsible for any problems with the operation and availability of the MKB Bank system.

  1. Rules for participation

The possibility of participating in yoga courses, trainingcourses, workshops, individual yoga classes and camps is open to anyone as set out in these terms and conditions, under the following restrictions.

The yoga instructor, acting on behalf of the Gold Center Yoga Studio, who is present in yoga classes, training courses, workshops, individual yoga classes and camps, is entitled to exclude, in particular, those who do not meet basic hygiene conditions,

meaning despite of the possibility of a yoga centre, training courses, workshops, individual yoga classes and camps, it refuses compulsory cleansing; health, personal hygiene of the health of the other participants in the course,

manifestly endangered;

intentionally or repeatedly violate the obligatory safety rules in the yoga centre, communicated prior to the course; endanger the physical integrity of the participants in the course by intentional or grossly negligent conduct;

violates the basic ethical rules of social cooperation by deliberately hindering or preventing the course of the yoga course.

The Service Provider reserves the right to deny the opportunity to attend further courses in advance if the participant has been refused to attend classes, courses, workshops, individual yoga classes and camps for reasons of the above. Participants shall use the yoga room and its equipment, the devices provided, only for the purposes and intended purpose laid down in this agreement, and shall be liable for any damage caused in connection with their behavior.

  1. Cancellation, change of course

The Service Provider reserves the right to change the date of the courses or the pre-advertised theme.  The Service Provider may send an email to applicants about the cancellation or the change of time at least 24 hours before the course to the e-mail address provided during the application.  The participation fee paid for the missed course may be used for any course advertised at any later date.

  1. Cancellation policy
  2. Participants are entitled to cancel participation up to 4 days prior to the selected course, namely withstand this contract established under this GTC without penalty.

After withdrawal under this section, the participation fee already paid may be used for any course. If a candidate who withdraws from the contract under this point does not wish to take another course, the amount he/her prepaid will be refunded within 60 days of the date of notification of the withdrawal.

b.In case of withdrawal within 3 days prior to the course, 50 % of the participation fee will be payable as a penalty. A candidate who has reached the time limit set forth in this section is entitled to apply for a new course after paying an amount of 50% of the participation fee already paid.

  1. In the event of a withdrawal within 24 hours prior to the course, the participation fee

cannot be repaid. Applicants may provide the cancellation/withdrawal by sending an e-mail       to the, in accordance with Section 45/2014 (II.26.) on the detailed         rules for contracts between the consumer and the undertaking Gov. article  of regulation         (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Regulation’)  by using a sample of the declaration in annex 2         or by means of a clear declaration.

The opportunity to attend the courses is not personal, the possibility of participation is           transferable. The participant shall prove the transfer of participation in a credible manner. In            addition, the exercise of the right of withdrawal/termination shall be governed by the rules        of the Regulation.

  1. Data management

The Service Provider processes personal data in connection with this agreement.

The Service Provider shall act, in the context of the data processing, in accordance with  CXII Act of 2011 on the right to information and freedom of information

When applying for courses, the provider treats the personal data in its possession confidentially and does not disclose it to third parties.

When you browse our pages, technical information (e.g. in the form of log files containing the user’s IP address, time, URL of the page visited) is recorded which cannot be used for personal identification but is used for statistical purposes. Data is also stored on the user’s computer in the form of cookies.

Cookies are not used to identify the user and live at the time of the session.

To use the online application system, you must enable cookies in your browser, without which certain features are inoperable. An invoice will be drawn up for the ordered service, which will be stored the way and for the period of time as prescribed in the applicable legislation.

You can request a change or deletion of your data from the system at any time in writing.

The e-mail address provided at the application for the course is automatically added to the Provider newsletter database The applicant is entitled to request the deletion from the list of subscribers to the newsletter at any time without having to cancel his/her application. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter by mail, email or by using the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the newsletters. ONLINE RECORDED CLASSES WITH DAVID ONLINE RECORDED CLASSES WITH DAVID MELONI (RENTING FOR 30 DAYS) ON-DEMAND RECORDED CLASSES WITH DAVID MELONI (30 DAY RENTAL)

The online recorded classes are not allowed to use for any business purposes. Public disclosure is not permitted! Is not alowed to copy and spread. The recorded videos are intellectual property of DAVID MELONI. During the class are you practicing in your own responsability, injuries during the class is not our responsability. Make sure about your space on your divace, your good internet connection. The paid online recorded classes cant refound.The recorded classes you renting for 30 days.These classes are the intellectual property of David Meloni. Your fee entitles you to watch the recording for 30 days. The material is offered for personal use only. It may not be used for business purposes, nor may the video be copied or shared. Your safety during practice is your own responsibility. Ensure that you have adequate space to practice and a internet connection that accommodates streamed video. All sales are final. No refunds.